Around Town

We had a great time Saturday night at our one year anniversary party- we had a wonderful turnout, we had a first anniversary ribbon cutting (courtesy of Explore Sewickley) and ate cake and drank champagne.  Thank you SO much for your support and for coming out on Saturday to share our special day!! 

We have some new yarn that we are trying out- a summer weight linen yarn from Quince & Co, Kestral ( worsted weight) and Sparrow (sport weight) in a number of beautiful summer colors. We have patterns featuring these yarns and are looking forward to knitting a few summer shells and light sweaters with it.

We are working on the Big Cuddly Bunny KAL that meets on Tuesdays from noon to 2 pm. This is a fun project that you can customize to your own taste- color, size and yarns are up to you.   Our other KAL, the Annalise Shawl ,  takes place on Thursdays noon to 2 pm. Join us to work on this simple bias shawl pattern that many of our customers have made multiple versions of: choose a variety of colors that excite you or use one of our colorways that we have put together with our almost limitless Koigu stock. See what colors we are working on and try your hand at this addictive pattern.

We continue to host a free Quick Fix Clinic on Wednesday afternoons from 2 to 4 pm: if you are stuck on something that you think is a simple fix, come in and work with Shelby. Often something that seems like a BIG problem is really just a quick fix: we can show you what is happening, help you read your stitches, and get you back on track.

Don't forget to come in Fridays for Happy Hour from 5 to 7 pm: we sit and work on easy projects, and have wine and cheese- it's a relaxing way to end the week.

There is alot going on these days in Sewickley, so if you are planning a trip to Sewickley (or even if you just want to read about it) check out our neighbor's page: Explore Sewickley!

Explore Sewickley will give you a few ideas about upcoming events in the village so you can make a day of your trip!

See you in the shop!