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Around Town

Fall is coming, and we have some great yarns to start your fall and winter projects - stop by and check out our latest trunk show from Quince & Co! Beautiful sweaters, shawls, and even a dress...   We had a brief time this summer when we all felt pretty safe in the health arena- we were seeing people's faces for the first time in a year!! But now that the new variant has emerged, and there is still some unfathomable resistance to vaccination, we have decided to reinstate our mask policy in the store.  We are asking once again that all of our customers wear a mask when they enter the shop...vaccinations are not enough to protect the safety of those who truly cannot be vaccinated, especially children.   Our staff is fully vaccinated but we still can't guarantee that all customers will be, or that those who are are not virus-free, so we are asking everyone to continue to mask up when they come in, for everyone's well-being.

We have been adding books and patterns to our library- we recently received "The Act of Sewing" by Sonya Philip- and have a number of children's toy pattern books, beginning knitting and crochet books, "52 Weeks of Shawls" by Laine Publishing, and the latest issues of Selvedge, the popular British publication devoted to all forms of textiles.  Tools, project bags, yarn bowls- stop in and browse!

We are still holding off on lessons, Happy Hour, and other inside communal activities until we are more confident that they are safe for everyone- please be patient as we navigate into the future!

We hope to see you in the shop!