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Our Staff


Dawne lives in Valencia, where she spends her free time hiking, cooking, and gardening when she isn't knitting or taking pictures. A huge fan of Pittsburgh and the people who live here, she enjoys learning about its history and languishing in its lesser-known cafes on her days off! Dawne's favorite knitting projects include Fair Isle patterns or cozy hats and sweaters. She enjoys teaching knitting as she feels so much joy in passing on love of the craft. She is always grateful for what she learns from her students in the process! If you enjoy discussing books you've read, join Dawne for Book Club at the shop!



Robin has been knitting since she was 9 years old. Over the years she has had many favorite knitting projects: she especially loves Aran knits, Fair Isle patterns and socks. She walks every day in the woods, near her house in Sewickley, with her old dog George. Robin loves to read, with Scandinavian murder mysteries and science fiction as her genres of choice. She enjoys learning about vegetarian cooking but can usually be found at Five Guys Burgers on a stressful weekday. And coffee: that is the first thing she thinks about in the morning and the one thing she cannot live without, ever.


Anne has an art background and has been knitting for nine years. She is especially good with color and texture and enjoys helping customers find unexpected solutions to their knitting quandaries. She has been doing needlework since the age of five and enjoys needlepoint, drawing, painting and weaving. Her motto is : “If it doesn’t move, decorate it; if it does move, knock it down and then decorate it.” She has just adopted a rescue cat named Blossom, and is still trying to lure her out from under the bed. Updates to follow.